Flying Sheep Studios


A fine selection of our work

Flying Sheep Studios has developed over 150 HTML5 games. Every single game can be played in any browser, be it mobile, tablet or desktop. And we made sure that the game design fits each platform perfectly. We were also lucky to work with many cool brands like LEGO Ninjago, DreamWorks’ Dragons and Ghostbusters.

Knights Of Fortune Knights Of Fortune

Red Panda Surfer Red Panda Surfer

Super Puffer Fish Super Puffer Fish

Brave Explorers Brave Explorers

Kitty Coach Kitty Coach

Mewtrix Mewtrix

Spirit Spirit - Open World Riding

Ninjago Ninjago - Oni Brawler

Alvin Alvin - Skate Away

Ninjago Ninjago - Tournament of the Brave

Barbie Barbie - Cupcake Runner

Playmobil Ghostbusters Playmobil Ghostbusters - Haunted House

Trolls Trolls - Beetle Racer

Ninjago Ninjago - Dragon Hunters

Trollhunters RPG Trollhunters RPG

Dennis & Gnasher Dennis & Gnasher - Skate Bläm!

Playmobil Playmobil - Crystal Palace

The Deep The Deep - Deep Sea Training

Woozle Goozle Woozle Goozle - Rocket Builder

Super Toy Club Super Toy Club - Jetpack

Trollhunters Trollhunters - Gnome Darts

Ninjago Motorrad-Gang Ninjago Motorrad-Gang

Wasserbomben Wahnsinn Wasserbomben Wahnsinn

Ninjago Ninjago - Sumpf-Arena

Center Parcs Center Parcs - Water Slide

Toggo Serien WM Toggo Serien WM

Alvin auf Zehenspitzen Alvin auf Zehenspitzen

Dragons Dragons - Drachenrennen

King Julien King Julien - Schnapp die Krone!

Angelo Angelo - Mega Skate

Zak Storm Breitseiten Ballerei Zak Storm Breitseiten Ballerei

Der Gestiefelte Kater Der Gestiefelte Kater - Katzen-Sprung

Nerf N-Strike Modulus Nerf N-Strike Modulus - Agententraining

Barbie Barbie - Cake Factory

Ninjago Ninjago - Escape from Djinjago

Barbie Barbie - Deine Barbie Traumfee

Hotel Transylvania Hotel Transylvania - Tower Builder

Wake up little Kodama Wake up little Kodama

Dragons Dragons - Klippenklettern

Animal Crossing Animal Crossing - Happy Home Designer

Nestlé Nesquik Nestlé Nesquik - Quicky's Skateboard Tour

Barbie Barbie - Prinzessinnen Schminken


Monstermagic Monstermagic

Cini Minis Cini Minis - Sturzflug

Spirit Riding Free Spirit Riding Free - Horseback riding

Alvins Alvins - Schrumpf-Abenteuer

Angelo gegen den Test Angelo gegen den Test

Turbo FAST Turbo FAST - Schnecken Sprint

WOW - Die Entdeckerzone WOW - Die Entdeckerzone - Experimente

Super Toy Club Super Toy Club - Space Adventure

Dumm Fu Dumm Fu - Dumpfbacken Durcheinander

Go Wild Go Wild - Comic Creator

Dragons Dragons - Ohnezahns Feuerflug

Die Eule - Echt Kauzig! Die Eule - Echt Kauzig! - Bunte Blasen Ballerei

Angelo Angelo - Flinker Flurflitzer

Sally Bollywood Sally Bollywood - Täglicher Freundecheck

Paddys schnelle Schneesause Paddys schnelle Schneesause

Turbo FAST Turbo FAST - Stunt Rally