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All your HTML5 game development needs

Flying Sheep Studios has developed over 100 HTML5 & WebGL games for clients, using established brands. We pay close attention to the games being optimised for mobile browsers as well as desktop browsers. Every single game was delivered on time and on budget.

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Your Wishes

Your Wishes

We offer several levels of customisation, to make sure that all your desires (in matters of game development 😉) are fulfilled.

  • We have games which are ready to be licensed as they are.
  • All of our existing games can be adapted with any graphics and style of your choice.
  • We can also create the idea, game design, art and code, all from scratch, according to your individual wishes and specifications.


You have existing flash games or mobile applications, which you would like to publish on mobile AND desktop? Then you've come to the right place! As the ability to reach players on all platforms becomes more pressing, HTML5 has become the technology of choice for cross-platform games.


Brand Integration

Thanks to our comprehensive experience integrating established brands in our games, we know exactly how games can be used to promote the brand awareness of players.

We pay very close attention that the art and the game design are custom tailored to really reinforce your brand’s message with every single playthrough.


Why HTML5 is good for YOU

Traffic on the mobile web has overtaken desktop web traffic in 2016. It is thus essential that web games are playable not only in desktop browsers, but also in mobile browsers.

HTML5 makes this possible.

Today's browsers offer capabilities that allow HTML5 and WebGL games to rival native games. The graphics, the sound and the performance players have come to expect from quality games can be delivered in any modern browser, running on any device.

Mobile vs Desktop

Furthermore, publishing games on the mobile web has several advantages over the app stores:

  • Very easy access to the game - click on a link and you can play.
  • No download and no installation necessary.
  • The game is immediately cross-platform and playable in any browser.
  • No gate keepers (Apple, Google or Microsoft) - and no store fees.
  • Instant deployment of the game and any following updates.

In essence, HTML5 games are the most accessible for your audience.