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Based in Cologne,

Release Date:

Q1 2021


Android, iOS, browsers and messengers


Tactical role-playing-game



Regular Price:

Free-to-play with in-app-purchases




In Knights of Fortune the player leads a party of three heroes through a fantasy world in search of treasure and fame. Knights of Fortune is an RPG specifically designed to be played in mobile browsers and instant messengers. The game delivers the RPG experience, with an engaging storyline and a party of characters that level up and can be customised using different equipment and skill combinations. A competitive multiplayer system will offer long term replayability. The game works well for mobile devices, with short session times (up to 3 minutes per fight), familiar mechanics and mobile friendly controls. Thus it is the perfect pastime activity for players that miss core games, but don't have the time to invest in traditional RPGs.

Knights of Fortune ushers in the next generation of HTML5 games by offering deep gameplay and gorgeous 3D graphics that run smoothly even in the browsers of older devices.


  • Create your team of 3 heroes out of 6 heroes, with more heroes being added regularly.
  • Choose 12 out of 150 abilities to fit your prefered strategy.
  • Competitive 1v1 multiplayer.
  • Single player campaign.
  • Deep gameplay which can be played flexibly, in sessions of either a few minutes or longer.
  • Play on your phone or your computer.


  • Why did you choose to build Knights of Fortune in HTML5 and not directly as a native APP?

    Thanks to our extensive experience using HTML5, we can produce a game which looks and feels exactly as you would expect any native application. However we have the advantage that the game also runs in any browser, and can be embedded in apps such as messengers. So from a players perspective it just makes the game available on more platforms.

  • When do you expect to finalize the game?

    We intend to release the game in several steps. After a closed alpha, we will release an open beta on the web with limited content, so we can use player feedback as early as possible to improve the game. From then on we will keep updating the game regularly to keep players engaged and taking their feedback into account.

  • What’s the story about?

    Knights of Fortune is a fantasy RPG in which the heroes take on the epic quest of fighting a mysterious corruption that is threatening their world. On their journey they search through old ruins and dungeons and fight for the cure of the unknown spreading disease. Doing so they uncover forgotten knowledge and the history of their world.

  • Where do you want to publish the game?

    Knights of Fortune will be available as an app in the native mobile stores, on any browser on mobile and desktop, within messenger applications, and might also be ported to consoles in the future.

  • What’s your desired Monetization Model?

    Knights of Fortune is free to play, and will be monetised using in game transactions. The entire game can be experienced without spending any money, and anything which can be purchased will not negatively affect players that decide not to spend money.

  • Why are you doing a Tactical RPG for mobile?

    We are all ex-core gamers in the company. We like games with a deep gameplay but since we are working, having kids and so on we don’t have the time anymore for several games that need night-long play sessions. That is why we designed Knights of Fortune as a complex and deep game that can be played and enjoyed in short game sessions on the train, couch or bed.

Current Team

  • Thomas Rössig - Managing Director

  • Daniel Nienhaus - Technical Director

  • Benjamin Cid Pérez - Creative Director

  • Guido Göbbels - Creative Producer

  • Emil Larsson - Lead Developer

  • Casilda de Zulueta - 3D Artist

  • Carlos Cervantes - 2D Artist


Knights of Fortune Teaser 2019on youtube!


download file as .zip


download files as .zip

Awards & Recognition

  • NRW Film und Medienstiftung Production Funding

    - Knights of Fortune, 2019

  • NRW Film und Medienstiftung Prototype Funding

    - Knights of Fortune, 2017

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The Flying Sheep Studios Team in numbers:

  • 17 people
  • 8 female team members
  • 6 nationalities represented
  • 6 vegetarians
  • 1 office dog

The founders are:

  • Thomas Rössig - Managing Director
  • Daniel Nienhaus - Technical Director
  • Benjamin Cid Pérez - Creative Director