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Based in Cologne,

Release Date:

Q1 2021


Android, iOS, browsers and messengers


3v3 Arena-Brawler



Regular Price:

Free-to-play with in-app-purchases




Knights of Fortune is a cross-platform, 3 minutes, 3v3 arena brawler. Play as one of six characters, choose between different skill combinations to customize your play and jump right into short, intense games with your friends.

Currently, there is one game mode called ‘Manafall’. Team up to capture three crystals that spawn at fixed points around the map before your opponents get to do it!

Since we developed the game in HTML5, it doesn’t need to be installed or downloaded like other games.

You simply click the link and it opens up immediately in your browser and you can start to play - on any device.

That means it is the perfect pastime activity for players that miss core games, but don't have the time to invest in longer running games. That’s why we designed Knights of Fortune to offer engaging gameplay and gorgeous 3D graphics that run smoothly even in the browsers of older devices.


  • Competitive 3v3 multiplayer
  • 3 minutes per match
  • Play in the browser of any device (smartphone, tablet, computer) at any time!... without the need to install it first.
  • Deep gameplay which can be played flexibly, in sessions of either a few minutes or longer.
  • Choose 1 out of 6 knights, with more being added regularly.
  • Choose 2 out of 50 skills to fit your prefered strategy.
  • Visual hero customization


  • Why did you choose to build Knights of Fortune in HTML5 and not directly as a native APP?

    Thanks to our extensive experience using HTML5, we can produce a game which looks and feels exactly as you would expect any native application. However we have the advantage that the game also runs in any browser and on any device, and can be embedded in apps such as messengers. So from a player’s perspective it just makes the game available on more platforms.

  • When do you expect to finalize the game?

    We intend to release the game in several steps. After a closed alpha, we will release an open beta on the web with limited content, so we can use player feedback as early as possible to improve the game. From then on we will keep updating the game regularly to keep players engaged and take their feedback into account.

  • What’s the story about?

    Knights of Fortune is a sci-fantasy Brawler in which the heroes gather resources in the form of crystals that originate from a long lost civilization. Each of the characters has their own reason for leaving their home and traveling the world, be it the search for purpose, power or renown.

  • Where do you want to publish the game?

    Knights of Fortune will be available first on the web (mobile and desktop) and will later be brought to the instant messengers, native mobile stores, the usual desktop game stores and all the major consoles.

  • What’s your desired Monetization Model?

    Knights of Fortune is free to play, and will be monetized using in game transactions. The entire game can be experienced without spending any money, and anything purchasable will purely be cosmetic and therefore won’t give any advantage gameplay-wise.

  • Why are you doing an Arena Brawler for mobile?

    We are all ex-core gamers in the company. And as such we like games we can really dive our heads into. But since we are working, have kids and so on we don’t have the time anymore for several games that need night-long play sessions. That is why we designed Knights of Fortune as a game that is easy to pick up but complex to master, that can be played and enjoyed in short game sessions on the train, couch or bed.

Current Team

  • Thomas Rössig - Managing Director

  • Daniel Nienhaus - Technical Director

  • Nicole Stegmann - Creative Director

  • Guido Göbbels - Creative Producer

  • Benjamin Cid Pérez - Technical Artist

  • Meysam Mohammadi - Developer

  • Kilian Junk - Character Artist

  • Jennifer Bethke - Intern, Game Design

  • Maximilian Schaller - Intern, Game Design


Knights of Fortune Trailer on youtube!


download file as .zip


download files as .zip

Awards & Recognition

  • NRW Film und Medienstiftung Production Funding

    - Knights of Fortune, 2019

  • NRW Film und Medienstiftung Prototype Funding

    - Knights of Fortune, 2017

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The Flying Sheep Studios

  • Founded early 2014 in Cologne, Germany
  • Produced over 150 cross-platform HTML5 games
  • Worked with over 50 brands (incl. LEGO, Barbie and DreamWorks)
  • Team of 20 diverse people

The founders are:

  • Thomas Rössig - Managing Director
  • Daniel Nienhaus - Technical Director
  • Benjamin Cid Pérez - Creative Director