We craft truly frictionless games.

Flying Sheep uses the power of the web to make super accessible video games.
We create virtual worlds that can be enjoyed...

...without installation or noticeable download

...on different types of devices (mobile, desktop, tablet etc…)

...not just on the newest, but also on older or low-end devices

Selection of brands we have worked with

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If you want to know more about Flying Sheep, prices or work for hire write an e-mail to info@flying-sheep.com or use the button below.

Our Work Culture

We have created a respectful work environment, which values each team member’s work-life-balance and fosters continuous improvement.


We foster and value diversity in our team. We do not tolerate any toxicity whether within the company, nor in our games. We make sure to regularly play together and do some “non-productive” activities together. We support several initiatives such as the Fem Devs Meetup and team diversity.


We offer very flexible working conditions. You can choose whether you work in our Cologne office, or from anywhere else in Germany. You work when you want with super flexible working times and just a small amount of core hours during the day. We have never and will never use crunch to develop our games.

Continuous Improvement

We make sure that each one of us gets to hone and improve their skills, through in depth feedback and by offering workshops and trade conference visits. Furthermore we constantly keep iterating on our own processes to work as efficiently as possible.

Meet Our Team


Skills Lvl
Project Incantation 31
Numbers Sorcery 30
Tea Crafting >9000

Fun Facts
Thomas lived in France for over 20 years, which explains his taste in hats.

Favourite Games
Dungeon Keeper 2 · Warcraft 2 · Worms Armageddon

Founder | Managing Director

Skills Lvl
Code Wizardry 31
HTML5 Alchemy 30
Morning Person -7

Fun Facts
Has seen more trash movies than anybody should.

Favourite Games
Alpha Centauri · Dwarf Fortress · Spec Ops: The Line · Old school point’n click

Founder | Technical Director

Skills Lvl
Game Design Conjuration 31
Photoshop Magic 30
Beard Growth

Fun Facts
Uranus is visible to the naked eye in dark skies, and becomes an easy target even in urban conditions with binoculars.

Favourite Games
Kerbal Space Program · Freespace 2 · League of Legends · Bahamut Lagoon · Mass Effect · FTL

Founder | Creative Director

Skills Lvl
Game Idea Summoning 31
Pixel-Fu 30
Cycling Skull and Bones Skull and Bones Skull and Bones Skull and Bones Skull and Bones

Fun Facts
Spent a summer holiday to learn how to juggle.

Favourite Games
Papo & Yo · Roller Coaster Tycoon · Guild Wars

Design Director

Skills Lvl
Plan crafting 30
Culture-enthusiast 31
Suitcase packing Tetris God

Fun Facts
Can read anywhere, any time, under any circumstance.

Favourite Games
Marvin’s Mittens · Stardew Valley · The Harry Potter games · Ori and the blind forest · Pokémon Go

Finance Director

Skills Lvl
Project Brewing 31
Team Diplomacy 30
Camera Mastery Extreme

Fun Facts
Loves cameras. Cameras are the most beautiful of all the tech.

Favourite Games
Kentucky Route Zero · Gothic · Siege of Avalon · Commander Keen · Guild Wars (1!) · Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Lead Producer

Skills Lvl
Staying angry -20
Master of confusion 9000
Cooking ́n baking delici-NOMNOMNOM

Fun Facts
Starts baking or cooking when she´s upset.

Favourite Games
Golden Sun · Kingdom hearts · FFX · Portal 2 · Catherine · Zelda · Prof. Layton · HotS

Creative Producer

Skills Lvl
Enjoying Music super high
Being confused by code 31
Being engaged at work 31

Fun Facts
Christian can rapidly wiggle his pupils (like really fast).

Favourite Games
All Command and Conquer games (especially Generals Zero Hour) · Starcraft 1 & 2 · Tomb Raider games · Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee · Gex 3D · And many more old Playstation games


Skills Lvl
Nocturnal life Don’t even go there!
Photography <3
Debugging: 11!

Fun Facts
He slept once when he was crossing the street early in the morning and an old cyclist woke him up by hitting him … He was only 12 yo at that time!

Favourite Games
Portal 2 · Super Meat Boy · Grim Fandango


Skills Lvl
Lowpoly modeling Padawan ☄️
Cake baking star baker 🌟
Enamel pin collecting countless 💗

Fun Facts
Can turn eyelids inside out.

Favourite Games
Stardew Valley · Breath of the Wild · Kingdom Hearts · Animal Crossing: New Horizons · Overwatch · The Witcher series · Point n’ Click adventures

3D Art

Skills Lvl
Water near bending️
Organisation gaps Terminator
Monkey maybe️

Fun Facts
Kanji and Egyptian Hieroglyphs follow the same compository system.

Favourite Games
Red Dead Redemption 2 · Dark Cloud · Final Fantasy X · SSX · Tetris PvP · World of Goo

PM | HR | Admin

Skills Lvl
Assassin’s Creed knowledge Sea shanty lyrics
League of Legends Gold hard
destination stuck Riven main️

Fun Facts
Is getting addicted to competitive games since he was playing Magic the Gathering at tournaments as a child.

Favourite Games
League of Legends · Magic the Gathering · Pokemon(Blue/Red) · Guild Wars 1 · Terranigma


Skills Lvl
Code crafting 31
Coffee brewing 30
Despair management 7×1

Fun Facts
Looks forward to household chores when there are new podcast episodes.

Favourite Games
Super Metroid · Celeste · Life is Strange · Fighting games (especially from Arc System)


Join Our Team


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We are not actively hiring right now, however new job offers may fly in again, soon

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What happened so far

New Partners

In 2022 Flying Sheep Studios joined the iCandy Interactive group, to unite our forces and use our know-how to create frictionless experiences, accessible on all devices.

New working models

With the pandemic forcing us to work from home for a while, we learned to embrace and enjoy that working style and so decided to make “office optional” our new policy, and provide the most flexible workplace possible.

Active in the ecosystem

Beside making games, our team is also very involved in the local ecosystem, organising multiple networking events, having cofounded a coworking space, being founding members of the federal as well local game association, and supporting other initiatives such as the fem dev meetup.

In-house HTML5 Engine

To ensure the best possible quality, we built our own in-house dev tools. That enabled our team of 20 Sheeps to deliver over 200 of the best crossplatform webgames on the market.

Hello World

Flying Sheep Studios was founded in 2014 by Thomas Rössig, Daniel Nienhaus and Benjamin Cid Pérez in the beautiful city of Cologne. From the start, our goal was to build the best cross-platform HTML5 games possible. We soon started making games for some of the coolest brands out there, such as Lego, Barbie and DreamWorks.