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Flying Sheep Studios already developed over 100 HTML5 and WebGL games for clients, involving various brands and graphic styles. Our main emphasis lies on presenting your brand in the best way possible, and fulfilling your wishes. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!



Discover the team behind Flying Sheep Studios. Are they actually sheep? Can they really fly? How many african swallows are required to transport one european sheep? This is your chance to find out!

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Flying Sheep Studios specialises in HTML5 and WebGL game devel­opment, with an extensive track record of high quality cross-platform games delivered on time and on budget. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

We also have a catalogue you may download here.

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HTML5 & WebGL - The future is now!

For years developing cross-platform games was a painful, expensive endeavour. A different binary for every platform, no clear way to get your game to your players, huge resources were needed just to port a game from one platform to another.

HTML5 solves all these problems.

Every HTML5 game can be played on any modern platform. From mobile devices, be it Android, iOS or whatever device your players are using, to PCs, no matter whether they run Windows, MacOS or Linux. Thanks to the web's superpower – reach – every HTML5 game is just one click away.

In its infancy, HTML5 was pretty much limited to simple 2D graphics. But today – thanks to WebGL – we can build games providing fluid 3D graphics that rival native apps.

The age of "write once, run anywhere" is finally here.